Friday, June 1, 2007

Have you tasted the HorseShoe Crab?

I was busy and lazy to blog for the past two days. I was working with the customers in the factory to understand their current business process. So, after work, we went out for dinner. We went for seafood @ Bukit Tambun near Penang. It was not that good as the seafood was not so fresh. But anyway, it was a good experience as i managed to eat the HorseShoe Crab.

The BBQ HorseShoe Crab does not taste good. It tasted like burning wire. Yuck! The most enjoyable seafood for me is the crab. But unfortunately, some of the crab is not fresh. We chat until about 10 something and heading back to the Penang island after the dinner. I did not bring my camera with me for this trip otherwise i would have taken some picture to share with all of you.

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