Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Paying RM$2.00 to use SMART

Hey, 1 month free SMART usage is going to end. Whoever have not tried to be SMART. you still have less than 48 hours to do so. From June 15th 2007 - 12am, SMART will charge RM2.00 to use it.

Guess what? My mom has not been to the upper deck. So after picking mom from her painting class. I used the longer route i.e. from KLCC go out to Taman Desa then back to my condo (north part of KL). This is just to let my mom try out the upper deck of the tunnel. It was quite fun driving in the tunnel at nite as not many cars.

So, if you have not try it. Do try it before June 15th 2007, otherwise you have to pay RM2.00 (one way) to try out the tunnel. I fully utilize the tunnel for the past 1 month. I travel from KL to CJ via the tunnel in the morning and back from CJ to KL (my condo) via the tunnel. So i was the regular users for the tunnel... :-) Not sure whether i would have the special loyalty customers card to further reduce the toll fare. I don't think so as this is Malaysia ....hehehe

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