Friday, June 8, 2007


I have been struggling to compile the most tedious list from various sites around the world from different offices... This was one of the tough and bored job that no one would like to do including me... but for the chance to be able to get the visibility of having the higher management to look at the final reporting. It motivated me to proceed with this job.

Anyway, I would say "DONE" for this week and will only be updating the list in another 3 weeks time. So this will not bore me to death and i'm looking forward for the return. I just sent the result to US boss and waiting for her validation. I have high confident that she will be okay with my work.

Oh no... the aircon suddenly shut off... it's time to leave the office for gym :-) but i'm kind of lazy to go for gym now... maybe i should go to do some shopping ... what else i could do in the Friday nite? Just wondered what my buddy Musa is doing rite now. He is not working for the whole day... :-p

Any suggestion what to do for Friday nite other than going to the bar... :-)

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