Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Busy Busy and even busier

I was tight up with the whole day F2F with the customers team to understand in more detail on their business process so that i could provide some solution to solve their hot button. I was not able to keep my blog updated on time for my dear readers... :-(

BTW, i was not very busy after get back to my hotel but unfortunately the broadband provided by the The Krystal Suite of Penang sucks! They claimed that broadband provided but at the end the broadband is like the dial up... even slower than the dial up during the prime time (9pm-12am). I only managed to connect to my blog and update rite now... i think they shud not advertise on free broadband unless they upgrade their bandwidth with TMNET. So, I'm busy with my F2F but the broadband in the hotel is much more busier than my job... could not access to the internet ... :-(

I will have a long day tomorrow and need to present some of the finding / outcome from the previous F2F. Catch up with you later ... sayonara!


Anonymous said...

All the best with your presentation there!

TZ said...

Thanks ... :-> Another job scope expansion after my yesterday meeting... Hurray! more newer things to enhance my skillset :-> Of course, more travel too... might have the chance to go to Phillipines this year :-)

Anonymous said...

sound so kewl going places! especially overseas....kewl-kewl