Thursday, June 7, 2007

Lunch @ TZ's office with "Relight my Fire"

I was rushing to office after my last meeting ended @ 12pm. I started meeting since 6am this morning. What a day for meetings. Now i just finished my lunch. Feeling a bit tired but need to work on an items which deadline is tomorrow.

I was driving like i was in a hurry. Hoping to join my colleagues to have lunch together but i missed the boat. So end up i had lunch @ my cubicle. Guess What i had for lunch? hehehe... I bought McD on my way to the office. Hey Isaiah (my PT), hopefully you are not seeing this, otherwise i will get a tought workout tonite... :-p

During my lunch, i was so bored and decided to do some reading. I fired up the IE explorer and connect to my buddy's blog Relight my Fire. The updated article for today nearly make me choked me as i was trying to laugh... anyway, Musa don't worry nothing happen, it's just a near missed :-) It was quite fun to read on your blog today. Some delightful comment...


Musa said...

hey Buddy.. glad my blog amuse you during lunch time! thanks bud!

Anonymous said...

Hi TZ,

Thanks a lot for the pictures of the canyon trully beautiful!