Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom

Yesterday was my mom's birthday, we celebrated mom's birthday in a private clubs i.e. Chung Ling's Boy School Alumni club house. Dad's reserved a table of 15 for lunch. We had nyonya crusine and superb dessert. Unfortunately, i could not show you what we had as i forgot to take picture of the food. you know the food is so tasty. hehehe... ;-p

I invited my mom's extended family: grandpa, uncles and aunties, cousins etc... :-> Lot's of catching up during the lunch. One of my cousin is going to get married in Nov 2007. She is working very hard to get a nice and slim body to get into the wedding gown. Guess what she is working on rite now? She is taking Yoga and Pilate classes ... :->

So happen that one of my uncle just came back from Vietnam for vacation. So we managed to meet my uncle too. All of my mom's bro and sis were there yesterday except one aunty whom need to work on Sunday. Otherwise, we would have a full house. :->

Anyway, my mom was happy as you could see at the picture. Simple celebration but full of laughter and happiness.

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