Monday, April 16, 2007

Picture from Mabul-Sipadan :->

I spent 2d/1n @ Mabul-Sipadan and managed to take couples of nice picture. Unfortunately, i don't have an water proof camera to snapshot some beautiful picture of the reef /coral... the water is cystal clear and lots of colorful fishes... hehehe... :->

Anyway, here you go a picture from the beautiful Mabul island water village. I could not upload too many as the picture is too huge to upload. I was not staying in this resort, i stayed with the local people in the home stay together with tourist from various country British; Belguim; Canada; Spain etc...

I'm not staying here. :-p

I'm @ Danum Valley Field Center right now. I will start my jungle adventure tomorrow for the next two full days. Will be heading to Sakau for the cruising on Sabah longest river on Thursday. Will try to update whenever there is a connection to the internet... no promise. See you.

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