Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Gym

I had pushed myself hard for the past few days to march towards my goal. :-)

Since I have to wait for my mom's facial session @ Mid-Valley, I decided to spent 2 hrs @ Fitness First Axis. I managed to attend Ken Yong's Body attack class. He is a good motivator/instructor in Body Attack as he only teaches body attack as of rite now. He placed lots of concentration and effort to make each of the steps/track to be perfect. I would recommend those FF members to attend his class @ FF-Axis every Saturday 2:15-3:15pm. BTW, his class was not pack on last Saturday. Plenty of room to run around.
BTW, maybe you would like to know more what is body attack? It is not a class on teaching you how to attack other people body...*wink* :-p

BODYATTACK™ is a simple, high-intensity group exercise-to-music class that’s fully optioned to cater for all fitness levels. You’ll experience high-energy sports training moves for cardiovascular fitness, along with upper and lower body conditioning exercises

On Sunday, i attended three back to back classes. I attended Ben Sim's BodyPump, Radha's RPM and Cynthia's Body Balance @ Fitness First DU. Am i superman or not? *wink*
But I was so tired that felt asleep @ the couch in my living room while watching TV with mom. hehehe... Anyway, i was satisfy with the push and felt my stamina is improving. :-)

My muscle is sore right now and yet to recovered from my Friday Personal Training Session and yesterday Body Pump. Guess What? My PT shocked my muscle on last Friday by planning an extra tough session on last Friday i.e. whole body training with heavier weight than what i carry normally. My muscle was sore since last Saturday and had a great impact during the bicep track @ Body Pump class. I hardly able to finished the whole track, as I felt the burnt and carrying the 5kg each side weight to my chest was like carrying two huge heavy rock. Anyway, I felt my muscle is tighter and beefy after the intensity workout... :-> It's worth of pain ... :-p

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