Thursday, April 5, 2007

Meetings hopping day; looking forward on coming vacation

My calendar is full today. Meeting will start in 15mins and i will be jumping from one meeting to another for the rest of the day. I'm looking forward for two meetings i.e. 1130 and 1500. These meeting is regarding my new assignment / job. Wish me luck eh!... :->

I decided to skip one so call meeting / sharing as i could not manage to be in the office before 0930. hehehe.... this is not important :-p

Hurray! I received a mail from my cousin's friend yesterday regarding my vacation next week. Guess what? I will be leaving for Sabah, east of Malaysia for my 9 days vacation in 8 days. He sent us the packing list so i could get prepared on the items needed for the whole 9 days this weekend. hehehe... Sabah here i come.

Here's the itinerary
Day 1 (13 April): KL -Tawau, go to Mabul island / Sipadan for 2 nights.
Day 2 (14 April): Mabul island /Sipadan
Day 3 (15 April): Mabul island / Sipadan- Danum, overnight in Danum.
Day 4 (16 April): Danum
Day 5 (17 April): Danum
Day 6 (18 April): Danum
Day 7 (19 April): Danum- Sukau. Spend a night at the Kinabatangan river to see the proboscis monkey and other wildlife
Day 8 (20 April): Sukau, after the morning boat trip, go to Sepilok, spend a night in Sandakan
Day 9 (21 April): Sandakan - KL


I just got a cancellation mail on my 0800 meeting. I gotta go right now. So i could manage to attend the 0930 meeting in the office.

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