Monday, April 9, 2007

Are you a Emotional Physical or Physical Emotional?

I have waited for this training since my last job @ Sony. If you have attended the training before from the title of my blog. You should be able to figure out what training that i attending for this 4 days.

I'm attending the Human Dynamic training from Mon-Thurs (Msia). This training will help you to explore your personality and lies within yourself. From this you would be able to also understand others personality. This will really help you to work with others early and avoiding some unncessary conflict. The 1st day of the training that i attended today is mainly of giving some concept of what is human Dynamic etc.

The time that you need to invest is quite taxing as there are no laptop, no sneaking out for meeting etc. This has made me busier than usual to cope up with my work after the training.
Anyway, three more days to go. I hope to get to know myself in depth after the training. hehehe... :->

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