Friday, April 6, 2007

Food intake confession ... harder PT session

I have my personal training session @ Fitness First Summit. As usual my PT Isaiah Kee, he asked me what food that i had for the whole week. So to make the PT session more challenge, i purposely confessed all the food that i taken in detail. After hearing my list of food that i taken, my PT planned to get me to work harder than normal today... :-> hehehe... I'm so bad :-p

Anyway, i decided to continue with my current PT for another 25+5 session. I think he knew what i wanted and he is planning /designing to fulfill my goal. I would not wanna to blog about what my goal at this moment. Let's make this a surprise later :->

I had an hour of PT session with 40 mins of X-Trainer cardio and 10mins rowers after the PT session. My muscle is a little sore as I work extra hard for my PT session tonite. Anyway, i'm planning to attend my usual PILATE class tomorrow @ Fitness First Maxis.

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