Monday, April 23, 2007

First day of Work after 9 days vacation ...

"Wow you are tan!" This is what all my collagues, friends and family members' reaction when they met me... Am i that tan? i bet so. My parent got a shock when they picked me up in KL Sentral last Saturday. Yesterday my PT also got a surprise look on his face when he met me in the gym. This means i'm really tan and mission accomplished as i wanted the tan so much :-)

What is your 1st day @ work after a nice one week vacation?
Guess what mine is? I'm drowning with lots of emails in my Outlook waiting for me to read... sounds like "TZ, read me please, i'm important etc". Fortunately, i don't receive lots of junk mail. This has left almost all of my mails are those mail that needed my attention. I just completed scanning through my mail and tagged all the important mail to be replied by end of today. Another couple of minutes to lunch time, just don't bother to start my mail replying now... decided to take a quick break and blog a little. Boss is not around and she is in Australia enjoying her vacation now. hehehe... ; -p

I need to use my rest of the afternoon to complete my to-do list and schedule couple of important meetings to iron out those items that needed to be closed by end of the week. I received the first call from my customers from Chengdu requesting for decision, what a good start. :-p Anyway, I have fully charged my battery to undertake any coming challenge in my job after the short break. As expected i will be very busy for this week on planning the remaining week task/deliverable, closing outstanding items from the week before etc. hehehe...

It's lunch time now. Catch up with you later. Enjoy the rest of your day eh as i enjoy mine with all the emails :-p For those who are going to hit the bed... sweet dream.

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