Friday, April 6, 2007

Change, please come in ...

After the whole day meeting yesterday. I was so tired and decided to skip gym for a day. So i done some workout @ home.

Guess what? I'm reporting to the country manager. This has confirmed after the org announcement but unfortunately no promotion for me this year. Anyway, i will strive for next year then ... hehehe... I'm happy to get what i have right now. And the new role and assignment will provide me more visibility to the upper management and also more opportunity to learn up the business process and of course more opportunity when change strikes again... :->

One of my collagues is quite sad as she still in the junction and could not decide what she should be heading for her future career. We sat through lunch yesterday and analyst the case. I'm not sure since when i become job analyst ... hehehe... :-> Anyway, i could not blog this in detail as this is confidental :-p

Moving forward, i will be more busy and more travel for me, might need to sacrify my gym sessions which i try not to... but sometime i could not help it as i need to stay back for meeting to close some outstanding items like yesterday ... :-(

Anyway, life goes on ....

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Musa said...

Congratulation buddy!

You give a reason to celebrate! yay! We're having a double celebration!!