Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Give and take ... :-> What a busy day...

I enjoyed my training for the last two days. Learnt new concept on the human dynamic. Trying to explore myself but i'm still not sure which group of the dynamic that i belongs to... :-( Anyway, according to the instructor, we still have another 2 days to find out. She also mentioned that some of the past participants only realize few months later after the training. I hope i'm not belong to this group ... hehehe... :->

Anyway, training followed by vacation is a no-no for future plan. This combination has really killed me. I have to work extra hour to accomplish my assignment so that i would not be the gating factor. With the short four days plus whole day training, you could imagine how much extra hours that i need to work. How much? yet to calculate ... hehehe...

I don't mind as it is actually a give and take... My company organized this training which not only benefit me on the workplace but also my life outside the company... why i would say so is that it will help me to understand and appreciate others dynamic. Provided i have mastered some level of understanding on human dynamic.

I started the day with 0730am meeting and will end the day with 12:30am midnite after i completed one meeting and a couples of email that need my attention. BTW, i need to send out the presentation for tomorrow morning meeting... :'(

No matter how busy i am, there is one thing i would not give away unless i have no choice. Guess what is it? Bingo, you are right, my gym session. I need gym to release my whole day stress so that i could proceed with a new day tomorrow. I attended NOR Step class as usual. Today class is moderate maybe she knew i'm tired "Wink ;-p"

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