Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Attention Everyone: Change is knocking @ the door :->

The department that i worked in is going to re-organize after the F2F of the management in US. Not sure whether whom i would be reporting to... I'm so curious... rumours said that i'm going to report to the automation country manager ... hehehe... is it true ? Still need to wait for another 24 hrs before the official announcement.

Another rumour is that whether i got promoted by reporting to the country manager :-p am I? If yes, let's celebrate my treat for beer ... hehehe ;->

Anyway, let's only worry tomorrow. One good news, guess what? My Fitness Personal Trainer has his own BodyPump class @ Fitness First Summit. He will be teaching the class every Wednesday 1745-1830. Come and attend his class if you are a members of Fitness First, otherwise become a member and join the class. You will enjoy it :-> I will be going to attend his class this evening. Hopefully, he will not choose those tough track as i have not recovered from my 5+ hours workout on Monday... :-p hehehe...

Gotta to focus back to my work and wrap up before 1645 and leave office at about 1650 to beat the traffic ... See u in the gym eh!

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