Friday, April 27, 2007

Long Weekend is approaching :->

Another 6 more hours... start the long weekend. The company that i'm working for has decided to observe Monday as the holiday instead of the national holiday on Tuesday and Wednesday. So i have a long weekend. Jealous? hehehe...

Unfortunately, i would need to work through weekend to finish some strategic work... :-( Need to get the stuff done and present to the management next week. Moreover, I don't have any plan and all my friends either will be working or out of town on Monday. So what is the different for me. Work is work, one things i never miss is to attend my favor Pilate instructor Ginny's class... hopefully she is not on leave.

For those who are not Malaysian, there are two national holiday on May 1st ... Labor day and Wesak day. So our government has announced the replacement for Wesak on May 2nd 2007. What is Wesak day? Here you go some information regarding Wesak...

Wesak is celebrated by Buddhists to commemorate the birth, enlightenment and death of Buddha - all three events having taken place on the same lunar date according to Buddhist reckoning. Buddhists observe a vegetarian diet to 'cleanse' themselves prior to the occasion. Thousands of devotees gather before dawn at temples for prayers, offerings, meditation, chanting and alms giving. Doves and tortoises are also released in a symbolic gesture of liberating the soul and forsaking past sins


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