Tuesday, April 24, 2007

tough day - information overflown

I had meeting since 0730am this morning. Lots of decision, vision, goal, mission, information... etc, has been made/passed down via meetings. I need to get out from the office... information overflown :-> Indication of the busy months to come :-p

I have to make a tough decision whether to go/no to go on some implementation of the software. I don't feel stressful on the decision as i got a good customers support. Guess what? the collague that i invited to visit Malacca last month is a main stakeholder for the decision. Don't put me wrong, i did not ask for the customers' favor to solve my challenge. But she has provided a great support on the decision and commit to help the team out to influence the management to go ahead with the proposal... :-> No conflict of interest here... work is work... friend is friend :->

Anyway, my others project is going to kick start too and my mission is to get more information from various people within this week. i.e. more meetings. I think by the end of this week, i will have information overflown and need some time to digest and organize. hehehe... this is my specialty, collect information, analyse and recommend solution/plan of action...

I think i should call it a day now and heading to Maxis for gym. It has been a week i didn't visit Fitness First - Maxis... not sure all my gym buddies miss me or not ... let me find out tonight. BTW, I bumped into a PT / RPM instructor from Fitness First -Island Plaza, Penang. His name is Andrew. He still recognized me and he was surprised to see me in Fitness First - AXIS yesterday. He thot that i have another twin brother in Penang whom likes to attend his RPM class ... hey who actually pretend to be me to attend his class huh?... Brother, can you attend Alan's 7:30pm RPM class in Penang tonite?... I could not make it, i need to attend NOR's basic step class tonite @ Fitness First - MAXIS...

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