Thursday, April 26, 2007

Body Bump Class with Isaiah @ FF-Summit

I had a good time working out @ Isaiah's Body Pump class yesterday. He modified the class a little and was tougher than a normal 45mins class. Way to go Isaiah... He went slow for each reps and made sure that our posture is correct. He kept the class motivated to carry on our workout thru out the class. It was a good experience work out with Isaiah.

BTW, I confidently increased the weight that i carried for all the track. Unfortunately, after 3 quarters of the Bi-cep track... i felt hard to finish this track. My bi-cep and forearm was burning and could not keep up with the instructor on the reps. Yesterday was my 1st time to use 5kg each side for bi-cep track. Will try out few times to get my bi-cep use to this weight... I feel the impact as my muscle is sore today :-)

Anyway, I felt satified and motivated to attend another Body Pump class tonite. Guess What? one of my friend whom work out in FF - Island Plaza Penang has started to pick up Body Pump too. If you still considered whether wanna to pick up Body Pump... go ahead and try it now. You will not regret :->

Tips: All, try not to bother about the weight that others carries... the most important is your own posture. This is imporant so that you will not hurt yourself because of bad posture. Once you got the posture right, you could increase the weight easily. I started mine with 3.5kg each side which is lighter than lots of people in the class hehehe... even less than some of the lady ;-p. It took some time for me to get use to the posture and now i have slowly increased my weights that i carry.

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