Monday, April 2, 2007

Spent 5+ hours workout @ the gym...

I had a great workout today, spent about 5+ hours in the gym.

  • PT session + warm-up : 1.5hr
  • X-trainer (cardio): 0.5hr
  • Pilate : 1hr
  • Bicep, Tricep and Shoulder workout: 0.5hr
  • RPM: 1.25hr

I never been in the gym for 5+ hrs. Today, i had broke my own record ... hehehe... Getting a little bit tired now but i felt good...

I weighed my body before the PT session. I'm a little upset as the result shown that i have gained 200g of Fat and loss 300g of Mass muscle for the past one week. I think it is because i'm switch my working hour to US timezone and i have taken too much food during the night time... :-( Anyway, I will have my weight again this Friday to see the assumption that we made is correct.

I have another 3 more PT session and i will be completed my 30 sessions of PT with Isaiah Kee from Fitness First Summit. I'm still in consider whether i should continue with another 25+5 sessions or stay with 10+1 sessions to archieve my new goal ... :->

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