Monday, April 27, 2009

Away from KL on mid next week.... :)

I just placed my hotel reservation on my vacation before my work starts... I had a feeling that i might be going to start work most probably on June (yet to confirmed)... so i have to make use of my last month of enjoying my holiday... :)

Yuppie... vacation in the beach resort next week... List of things that i need to purchase before my vacation ... still in progress of listing... :p

Will update in more detail in the later post ... Gotta hit the gym now ... otherwise i will be late for the step class tonite ... see you eh!


::. Anton ::. said...

Wot a wonderful life!


ladyviral said...

have a wonderful trip~

Jerry said...

I wanna ask... Wat makes u guys so motivated to visit the gym..

A) Fee that u've paid
B) See Hot guys..
C) Find a new BF from there
D) Make urself look nicer
E) Forced by trainer
F) Wanna have a better body shape than "Someone"
G) To Showoff
H) Make urself healthier

LOL.... I'm jus curious...

Medie007 said...

so nice.... yerrrr... i wanna goooooo!!!

TZ said...

::. Anton ::. : hehehe... need to enjoy before i started work.

ladyviral: thanks dude!

Jerry: Will post a entry to answer you questions eh! stay tune...

Medie007: errrr... you cannot go next week... next time ok!

All: My vacation will be postponed for further review.

Twilight Zone said...

Going for vacation again???? Oh dude, you print money as your job la. I am sooooo jeles now. Bring me along in your suitcase.