Saturday, April 18, 2009

Obsession over Char Koey Teow (CKT)

I was obsessed over Char Keoy Teow (CKT) for the past few days when i was in Penang after reading the comments in my previous blog entry about CKT...

Danny: damn !! i love all the 4 food in the pics... but i think love CKT most.. 

JL: I like the Char Kuey Teow best. Tried it once and after that no other Char Kuey Teow has beaten the Penang one. Wakaka

CKT CKT... yummy! Again this blog entry is dedicated to my friend Anton... Dude! i tried 3 different Char Keoy Teow in 3 different places. The cost of the CKT were different from each other... So anyone wanna to guess how much for each CKT... 

CKT #1
Venue: Gurney Drive 
Cost : RM$.$$ 

CKT #2
Venue: Lorong Selamat
Cost: RM$.$$

CKT #3
Venue: New Park World Food Court
Cost: RM$.$$

What do you think? Which one is the most expensive? And how much each cost... :)


Queen B said...

we love ckt too! XD

pikey said...

I think the Lrg Selamat one is the expensive one... perhaps around rm5-7 ?

COrrect guess will win a free supply of CKT issit? LOL

Jonzz said...

CKT #1 : boring
CKT #2 : So oily and shiny til i feel like lau sai
CKT #3 : My vote

Jonzz said...

Oh guess price, my bad speed reading:
CKT#1: RM 4
CKT#2: RM 5
CKT#3: RM 6
(Hmm is it too obvious that I didn't give it much thought, HAHAHAHAHAHA evil laugh)

Medie007 said...

i thought gurney would be most expensive?

::. Anton ::. said...

Damn Damn Damn Damn Damn!

By the way, i think the aunty with the red caddies cap (ckt#2)sells the most expensive ckt, perhaps rm7?


Ray said...

Man!!! i cannot tahan reading your blog feturing CKT. Don't make me drive 2.5 hours to Atlanat to get some CKT.

JL said...

CKT#1: RM2
CKT#2: RM4
CKT#3: RM5

The CKT i tried before is the Gurney Drive one, wakaka. XD

Yeah, so got any prize for guessing? :p

Evann said...

CKT#1: RM3.80
CKT#2: RM5:40
CKT#3: RM7:50

the second one looks so oily. omg. how fun it would be if u ate that and took xenical. hohoho! *gross.. blek*

Funkye said...

i am reali hungry
but i cant crave for it coz
im coughing.....
can only eat kolo mee...haha.

LAURENCE said...

i think the 3rd one is more expensive~

Silencer said...

The one in Lorong Selamat is the most expensive. It was rm 4 when i went there like years ago. guess it's rm 5.50 now?

Gurney Drive: rm 3.50

new world park : rm 3.50 (rm 4 if u request for duck egg)

~LeuMaS~ said...

i think gurney de is most expensive...
but seriously i love the 1 in lorong selamat coz its taste the best :)

yes, i'm frm penang

Freedom09 said...

hey, so when are you gonna release the answers?! We're waiting!

foongpc said...

I really don't know about the prices, but I can tell from the pictures that the 2nd one (from Lrg Selamat) is very oily, but the most delicious!! Especially those prawns! Yummy!!!

The 1st one (Gurney Drive) don't look too appetizing to me. Bland and dry!

The 3rd one (New Park World Food Court) is the healthiest of the 3 CKT with less oil but definitely not as delicious and tasty as the 2nd one.

TZ said...

All: here you go the long waiting result
CKT #1 : Gurney Drive --> RM3.50
CKT #2 : Lorong Selamat --> RM8.50
CKT #3 : New World Park --> RM5.00

Queen B: hehehe... yup CKT is nice :)

Pikey: hahaha.... dude, you are right on the most expensive one but it cost me RM8.50 for a CKT in Lrg Selamat :p

Jonzz: hahahaha.... i agreed with you... :P

Medie007: kakaka.... you r wrong ... the Gurney one is the cheapest :p

::. Anton ::. : Errrrrr.... damn damn damn *Stretching head* hahaha... dude you are right she sells the most expensive with RM8.50

Ray: oops.... i din know you like CKT until you could drive 2.5 hours for that :)

JL: hahaha... if you guess correct than got prize lor but unfortunately ....

Evann: errrrr.... i would not take any Xenical after eating such an unhealthy food ... :p

Funkye: Dude, hope you get well soon eh! errrr... I missed kolo mee :p

Laurence: hahaha... the 3rd one is not the most expensive :p

silencer: wah u r quite accurate in price wor ... you are the fans of CKT ??? Anyway, I ordered the RM8.50 for the lorong selamat ... :p

~LeuMaS~ : kakaka... gurney one among all is the cheapest :p

Freedom09: dude, sorry for keep you waiting... anyway, the result has already out ... so what's your guess ? blek!

Foongpc: hahaha... three has its own taste... but i still prefer the 3rd one ... :p

Bahija said...

aiyuh, drilling...fattening yet yummy... PG PG PG PG , when can I go makan -hahaha....

TZ said...

Bahija: Just 4 hours away from KL ... it's easy to go :)