Tuesday, April 21, 2009

When i'm back on my feet again ....

How many hours?
How many days?
How many Months?
How many Years?
I have been waiting for some dream of mine to be happening 

I have been waiting for my Uganda project for nearly one years.... how many more hours, days, months or years that i have to wait to get my dream comes true... yaya! I'm very naive and stupid to wait for dream to be realized in a unquoted timeframe...  My parents, my relatives and my friends have kept asking me this question...

Honestly, I just don't know what am i waiting for now ... i just got fed up of my current situation which lead me nowhere... i was trying very hard to let go the wait but everytime i tried harder to let go... the resistant seems like shouting to me... "TZ hold on TZ hold on, you will be there... just a few steps away" ... I just don't know what to do now .... I know i have to let go and move on with my new life and ended this chapter of my life ....  I hope all of you won't bored with my rumbling... btw, thanks for your support so far... Just me that need to fight on my inner self to get over this so called  "opportunity".... sigh~ sigh~ sigh~

Anyone care to slap me on my face and wake me up... so i could feel the pain and let go whatever that had been dragging me for months... "give up or not to give up"... i know one person will definitely very angry with me as he has been asking me to throw away my this "opportunity" and move on but until today i still hang on with it ... Sorry dude I have let you down! Hope you still be my friend eh!... :(

I was sitting in Coffee Bean after my drinking session with my management that i was engaged on the Uganda project ... I was listening to my iPod and this song suddenly pops up that got me thinking of my future ... I should be back on my feet again ... searching for the TZ one year back .... the TZ that everyone knows... A tough fighter, A strong stand dude, A dude that accept challengers in an optimistic way... A dude that tough when facing any resistence... where is all those characteristic of TZ ... seems like it's gone ... I have to find myself back ... Back on my feet again ... :p



Queen B said...

lemme bitch slap u! ;P

::. Anton ::. said...

I'll juz smack that lovely arse of yours! :P

lau niang said...

Hang in there...the sky is always the darkest before dawn breaks. I know you'll pull through...lau niang give you sokongan kebaya sendat. Ha ha ha ha!

Medie007 said...

i know wat it's like.

sometimes u feel like letting go.
but u're scared that if u let go u'll miss the opportunity.
and if u wait just a little bit longer, u'll get what u've been
waiting for...

just hang in there dude. no matter what u decides, i'll always support u. ;)

Bahija said...

Hmmm, u r rite, we've been hearing from you for quite some looonnggg time.....I've decided not to ask you , and let you tell whenever you have news, coz if u hv good news, surely u'll share it out , CNN it to all ...likewise, whenever u r dissappointed with the mgt, u r affected...we are just outsiders, we are not in the loop, don't know the deal , the T&C, the perks that you are dealing with , there must be some good 'perks' which attracted you so much so that you are willing to hang on until this far. Question of does it worth it or not ? only you can tell lor ....it's your choice ....as friends, we always be there support your decision, wishing you the best, we are happy to see a happy TZ ma ..you are the one who has to go thru the ups and downs, enjoying the perks or pains physically, emotionally or mentally ..hahaha...12 mths could be a bit way too long to wait, you lose the momentum ....if you are still eyeing and you think it is coming, get the commitment from the mgt ? it isn't fair on your side...if there is a commited date, then perhaps you could get other part-time side jobs first to fill up your life while waiting for the date to come, get your TZ brain up running thinking hard again .....Wish you Luck !!

Freedom09 said...

TZ is going to be all right. you were confused and lost, because you were waiting, you were waiting for that chance to shine. It doesn't matter. Think back what have you done for the year. You think you really waster a year? For me, not necessary. You will find out, the way you view life is different. Of course, back to the origin, be grateful and positive, you will find the way. All the best.

TZ said...

Queen B: your bitchy slap is so painful ... Ouch! Ouch!

::. Anton ::. : wow! my lovely arse .... hehehe :$

lau niang: thanks for the support ... I'm going to back to my feet soon :)

Medie007: Dude thanks for your support ... i'm feeling better now ... :) full action going to kick start and moving :p TZ is back up again.

Bahija: I don't know what to say ... i'm so glad i have a very best friend like you... always around me to support my ups and downs... for the past one year... i learnt a lot ... handling the sales people, the real biz world and meeting different people, frenz and of coz lots of my fellow bloggers.... :p I'm still stuck with my job career ... what a sad case but i'm going to let go once i got any other better opportunities.

Freedom09: Thanks dude!... look back for the past one year... I met lots of people from various background ... my life is more colorful with meeting lots of bloggers from different places... i added lots of good memories thru taking lots of pictures. With this one year, i don't think i know all of you... :) Wasted one year ... errrrrrr... I would say NO!.