Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Ouch! that's the expression of hurts... How deep is the hurts to a particular person is where how a person could take it...

Does a Decision hurts?
Does a Truth hurts?
Does a relationship hurts?
Does a friendship hurts?
Does an action hurts?
Does Waiting hurts?
Does a sad song hurts?
Does a sweet memory hurts?
Does an injury hurts?
Does trust hurts?

I know i have made a decision which i had hurt one of my good friend out there... I know it's very hurtful and i'm glad this friend of mine is so understanding. I know the truth is so hurting and i just wanna to apologize that i hurt you... it takes time to heal the hurt and i hope we could still be friend and would like to walk together to heal your hurts.


Twilight Zone said...

Hey you didn't hurt me at all, so be happy lah. Eeerr who are you referring to now? I thought I hurt someone yesterday bcos of someone else's blardy mouth. Kaneeneh that fellow!

Fable Frog said...

sometimes lei~ have to tell the truth one, even if it hurts... But of course when put it in the nicest way, will amke the hurting part less painful geh~ But glad the friendship didn't ruin ;)

sbanboy said...

Hey you ok ah ? What to do ... we cannot fully understand or know what is on someone's mind. We are different people and there will be bound to be friction...but the friction can either break the friendship or make it stronger. I rather have a friend who cares enough to tell me the truth in love and not in spite. It will hurt a bit but you know we humans are survivors. As I am learning to pick up the pieces of my life ... I keep moving on. In the end, you know that we cannot please everyone. We just need to make sure we have done our part to make amends and in the end it depends on the other party whether to respond or not.

Anyway hope you are ok ... see you this Friday man.

::. Anton ::. said...

Joy and sadness are all in the parcel of life. It'll be good to frienship could still continue. Recent developments of my own tells me that sometimes, it is better not to handle situations that are hopeless, coz our good intentions are not returned but rather scorned by people who prefer to live negative boohoo lives.

In the end, how we choose to live our lives are all that matters, so as long as we are happy. Living our lives for others sounds great, but is the hardest to perform. Relationships and friendships come and go, we'll juz have to manage which are for keeps and which are to be discarded. The same amount of patience and time used to treat a severe Emo case could be better focussed on so many other more deserving souls.

TZ, you know you have a friend in me ^_^

sbanboy said...

Hey buddy ... I am glad that we talked over the phone and it is good to know that you are fine. :D

I just found out that I have a 2 weeks trial for Fitness First from Digi .. maybe can check it out on Friday. Cya man

E.T said...

truth is always hurtful... but it is always better to be truhful than be a liar.

pikey said...

With that incident, i think both of u r learning deeper abt each other... and hope u r fine.

TZ said...

Twilight Zone: Of coz i didn't hurt you but someone actually hurts... anyway it's a pass let it be an history... thanks for dropping by :)

Fable Frog: i'm glad too ... i value friendship... :p

Sbanboy: i'm okay ... thanks.

::. Anton ::. : Thanks for being here whenever i need someone to talk... i'm glad to have you as a friend :)

E.T. Agreed dude! Now i'm fine... thanks :)

Pikey: i'm fine ... all of us learnt through clarification and experiences... Ups and downs... :) Happy and Hurts ... :p