Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday lunch @ Downtown KL...

I was invited to two of my friends birthday @ downtown KL last Saturday... The birthday luncheon was held in a nice and simple place called delicious. The theme of this restaurant or cafe was simplicity... the glass that brought all the natural lights into the restaurant ... It was a nice place for a nice afternoon gathering.

We arrived @ the restaurant on time but to our surprise the rest of the people were not there yet. Anyway, the setup of the restaurant was a great place to take some nice picture... :p

Later the group came in and the luncheon party kicked started . We started ordering and chit chat along the way as the waiters and waitresses serving the food.

Inside Delicious

Flat White

Mushroom Mascarpone Spaghetti

I was sitting facing this nice residence building ... I was dreaming when sitting in this restaurant to be able to own one unit in the opposite building ... guess what? This is the latest luxury condominium called One KL

One KL from Delicious

One KL

We left the restaurant about 5pm... and headed back to KLCC to take a train back. I enjoyed the food, the fun and the company of all my dear friends... thanks for inviting me. :)

Happy Birthday Bong & Joshua


[SK] said...

been there for drinks love the interior deco, have not tried the food yet, nice??

JL said...

Lovely place. Bong & Joshua still partying? How lucky they :p

::. Anton ::. said...

Glad the birthday boys had wonderful smiles! ^_^


JL said...

Oh yeah, seen the 1KL condo before. Must be very expensive one :p

Benedict Ng said...
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Medie007 said...

hehehe looking forward to you having those units too. i'm soooooo going to move in no matter wat. hahahahahah

Queen B said...

so, how did the dance orgy....i mean dance party? ;P

Bengbeng said...

happy birthday to the boys

foongpc said...

I've never been to Delicious near 1KL, but have been to the one in 1Utama. Delicious but expensive food!

Twilight Zone said...

I thought it was Delicious@Dua. No meh? Got dance party & face slapping was it.... Queen B?

TZ said...

{SK}: food wise is so so ... the environment is good :)

JL: hehehe ... :)

::. Anton ::. : The picture that we took turns out nice... :)

JL: hehehe... listed in the top 10 most luxury condo in KL... what do you think?

Medie007: LoL... let's see ... before that let me get the unit first :)

Queen B: oh... is there a dance party @ that lunch ... why i never aware... :p

foongpc: agreed ... price of the food and drinks are at the high side ... :p

Twilight Zone: Errrrr... is it ... the initial plan is Delicious@Dua. hehehe... face slapping... errrrr... :p