Thursday, April 9, 2009

Funk Party Amplifier

I'm excited over the line dance funk class for the past 1.5 months ... I learnt from not knowing the step till today i could memorize the step... Guess what? I'm going to attend the Funk Party Amplifier which is going to be held in Supperclub this April 25th 2009. 

I have been practicing the dance in Bernard dance class ... so what song that we dance? Errrrr... there are 60 songs and we will dance none stop from 7:30pm-12:00am none stop... blek! Can you guess what songs that we danced ... just a part from the songs... :)

Song #1
Oh, Oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, 
I'll get him hot, show 
him what I've got

Song #2
I see you in the club
You getting down good
I wanna get with you, Yeah!
I see you in the club
You showing thugs love
That wanna get with you

Song #3
My hands, my hands, my ha-ha my hands
Can't keep my hands, my hands, my ha-ha
Can't keep my hands, my hands, my ha-ha
Can't keep my hands, my hands..... 

lalalala.... it's fun ... anyone interested to party with me... the ticket costs RM90 included dinner, dance, lucky draw in cash and one 60 songs CD.
Date: April 25th 2009
Time: 6pm - 3am
Venue: Supperclub @ Sri hartamas

Anyway, I'm looking forward to go for the dance party ... :) TZ need more practice ... more practice ... blek!


Perky said...

Song #1: Lady GaGa's Poker Face (I worship her, so I would be able to recognize her lyrics even if I was blind in 1 eye ;) )

Song #2: Akon's Beautiful

Song #3: Gym Class Heroes... song title... erm... cookie something...

Medie007 said...

wah.. go perky!

and i could only guess the last! hahaha

JL said...

Take pics, not take videos, of yourself dancing xD

Queen B said...

i don't think that the first song is oker face's "Boys Boys Boys" by Lady Gaga~ :)

Evann said...

60 songs!! Dance till kaki kejang!! o.O

Hope you'll have fun and show everyone the diva you have in you! Go kick ass, TZ! xD

::. Anton ::. said...

Just like practising to run a marathon. :P


TZ said...

Song #1 --> Poker Face by lady gaga
Song #2 --> Beautiful by Akon
Song #3 --> Cookie Jar by Gym class Hero

TZ said...

Perky: *Two Thumbs up*... you got everything right ... wow wow wow!...

Medie007: hehehe... errrrr.... how come???

JL: i will try to take picture ... and show u. Video Clip... see whether i have stalker to take video of me :p

Queen B: hahaha.... Dude! Perky is rite.

Evann: hahaha... i will enjoy myself in the party since i'm stuck in Malaysia... :)

::. Anton ::. : hahaha... this is marathon dance. blek! Just don't know how my leg will feel after that nite.

Queen B said...

yes she was....i was listening to lady gaga's other song while reading n commenting on ur blog~