Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dinner @ a small town - Enggor

It's the month of Grave Sweeping or Ching Ming for Chinese... I'm usually go back to Kuala Kangsar to pay a visit to my great grandparents and grandparents grave... since we need to visit two different places... Dad decided to make the trip on Friday evening..

We left KL for Kuala Kangsar @ about 2pm... stopped over @ Ipoh for a while and continued our journey to Kuala Kangsar... Once we reached KK, my cousin brother has made a reservation @ a small town called Enggor which is about 10-20 mins from the town of KK.

Small town of Enggor

Back of the shops

It was a very small town with hardly have people walking on the town in the late evening... we managed to hit the place before the sunset ... It was a very nice sunset yesterday evening... Too bad i didn't bring my DSLR... sigh! Sigh! Sigh!... So i was using my compact camera A520 to take all the piccie.

Railway Bridge @ Enggor

Sunset @ Enggor

This restaurant famous for its river fishes... My cousin bro ordered two fishes... both were so nice and i was happily eating those fishes... It's really different from the fishes that rare in the ponds. What's the different... just look at the tail.. how much flash it has compare to the one that we ate in the restaurant @ Klang Valley... :p

The restaurant ... Fook Moon Seng

Fish #1 - Tengalan

Fish #2 - i don't know the name in English

The tail of the Fish #2 - See how flashy is that... :p

Thank Cousin bro for treating us the nice dinner ... I was so glad that i could taste the nice fishes before leaving for my Uganda trip and back to the Tilapia.


Queen B said...

always eat eat n eat~

i wonder how u can stay fit. oooh ya...u gym!

TZ said...

Queen B: yes yes! you only realized i'm gym... errrrrr... so sad :p To be more noticeable to all the blogger communities ... Should i posted my naked picture in the blog ... hiak hiak! Blek!

Medie007 said...

nice peaceful town!

TZ said...

Medie007: Indeed it's a very peaceful town ... but it's too quiet for me ... blek!

Twilight Zone said...

It's not peaceful or quiet but dead town to me. Every household has over 3 - 7 kids! They have nothing to do other than watch Astro, so make offsprings! LOL

TZ said...

Twilight Zone: errrrrr.... look like it :p oh! is that case ar ... make offsprings... kakaka :p