Saturday, December 5, 2009

5:00pm for 7:00pm

I just got back from Celebrating 40th years of TAR College Academic Excellence Alumni Dinner 2009. My mom has bought these two tickets ended up i accompanied my mom to this dinner. It was a quite okay dinner with lots of performance by talented Tarcian. Stay tune eh~ I will post all the picture i took later... ;p

Meanwhile, just wondered do any of you see something different on this ticket / invitation?

How do you interpret the 5:00pm for 7:00pm?


William said...


Twilight Zone said...

I think you attended the reTARded dinner!

LOL.. Any shrimps and oysters like Yuen's?

Tonight, I attended a wedding feast at Legend Hotel and the food was so farking horrible.

the happy go lucky one said...

heheee i think there might b other mistake kekeee... but doesnt matter as long as u enjoyed the dinner kekeee

Anonymous said...

Celebrating 40th years?

It should read as Celebrating 40th year.

SJ said...

tea time dinner?

A smile from SJ =)

Danny said...

wow.. that is a very fast dinner worr... go there, register, sit down, eat and go?
or actually theye are serving few batches of guests on that day?
5-7pm, 730-930pm, 10-12pm.. like cinema like that ;p

vincent said...

the person who designed this ticket is blind for sure LOLz

btw, u from TAR?


walao... this kind of mistake.... shit... sia sui us the tarcian~ i feel malu for them

Paul said...

lolz... big mistake..

CH Voon said...

hahaha who prepare this letter? hahaha

you studies in TAR ke... i studied in TAR too - electronic SOT,

wah... then you are very young lo

TZ said...

William: Errr... :p

Twilight Zone: So you attended a horrible dinner eh~ I meant the food :p BTW, the retarded dinner was not as bad ... READ my new blog about the dinner.

The happy go lucky one: initially i was not very happy coz i felt i got fool because of somebody mistake but after that i told myself it's better to be Happy Go Lucky... hehehe... so in the end i enjoy the dinner. :)

Mei Teng: hmmm... i din notice that too... ooops i just copied from the invitation card :p

SJ: hahaha... as what i told initially... :p

Danny: maybe they should do this way to get more fund eh~... Maybe TARCIAN who read this comment can suggest the organizing committee to do it as what Danny suggest eh~ Then it will be like Malay Wedding meal :p

vincent: kiddo, i'm not a TARCIAN... :p

L2 : dude, you are a TARCIAN eh~

Paul: Thanks for dropping by my blog ... hahaha... i agreed with you... one of the three (Date, Time, Venue) most important item in the invitation card... BTW, I bet you enjoyed the stay in Bali eh~

CH Voon: dude, you are TARCIAN too... So you are class of which year? :p unfortunately i'm not your junior... I graduated from university in Canada... My mom's frenz sold us the ticket and since my dad didn't wanna to attend... So, i accompanied my mom to this dinner... It's was a nice and enjoyable dinner despite of the miss communication and some hiccup on the time management.

CH Voon said...

hehhehe TZ i see, i also not graduated full from Tar, i graduated from university in UK.

I see, so you now still study for Master?

TZ said...

CH Voon: I'm study professional certification... not MBA... :p