Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Any Year 2009 resolution not accomplished yet?

Any food that you wanna to eat but not ate yet?
Anything that you wanna to do but not done yet?
Anything you wanna to say but not said yet?
Anything you wanna to hear but not heard yet?
Anyone you wanna to meet but not met yet?
Any bill you wanna to pay but not paid yet?
Any card you wanna to cut but not cut yet?
Any place you wanna to go but not went yet?
Any movie you wanna to watch but not watched yet?
Anything you wanna to buy but not bought yet?
Any money you wanna to earn but not earned yet?

the list will go on and on and on and on until Twenty Ten... hehehe... sound like the world is going to end... hmmm... the world will not end over two days but the year will... 2 more days we will be saying goodbye to Twenty Zero Nine... So what are you going to do in these two days?

I'm off to work on my hair now ... ciao~


foongpc said...

Hi TZ! I'm still in Xmas mood now! So many things not accomplished, so many food not tried, so many places yet to visit! Will be doing all these in 2010! : )

manglish said...

save some for 2011 lar if not there will be nothing to do soon hahahaha happy new year

[SK] said...

well, instead of listing down what i have NOT in 2009, i think i will plan for what i WILL in year 2010.. hehehe :p

CH Voon said...

i havent win any lottery bo..

this years... feel nothing much i did!

really need to sit inside toilet and have a deeply think...

William said...

Ada banyak kerja tak siap. But if gonna kiamat, might as well do other things. :P

Evann said...

Yes! I want to see, buy, listen, and dance to Christina Aguilera's new album but its release has been pushed to next year! :(

keeyit said...

i used to write the list for years.. I stop writing it already as mostly i cannot accomplish de.. :P


smallkucing said...

My resolution for year 2009 was not to have any resolution. Err....so now should kira as completed or not??

the happy go lucky one said...

i think im lazy to think liao :P most importantly look forward for the new year to come, wishing everyone a better year :)

TZ said...

Foongpc: dude, you need to hurry up... left only 30 hours ... quick quick go and accomplish what u need to accomplish :p

manglish: wah dude, you have planed in advance... huhahaha... so what r u going to accomplish on Twenty Twelve?

[SK]: hehehe... can you share what you are planning for Twenty Ten?

CH Voon: you did rite? A saman is equal to winning lottery both involve money... kakaka :p I could imagine you sitting on the toilet bowl to think :p

William: hmmm... what is kiamat? :p

Evann: i wanna one too... ;-)

keeyit: hahaha... so no more list :p Anyway, happy new year to you

smallkucing: errrr... let's kira completed :p

the happy go lucky one: same to you too... sometime no list better than have list :p As long as you are happy rite?

Jayce said...

Yeah... Bought my own Christmas gift d ~ HTC HD2. :)