Saturday, December 19, 2009

Penang Getaway...

I'm in the food paradise of Malaysia... yup~ the island up north... The Penangkia land.

07:00 Left KL for Penang
09:30 Arrived Kuala Kangsar, visiting my uncle and aunty.
10:00 Take our late breakfast @ Sin Hong Huat, Kuala Kangsar.
11:00 Left Kuala Kangsar for Penang
13:00 Lunch @ my aunty place
14:30 Visit another aunty.
18:00 Dinner @ my aunty place. Lots of chatting, drinking and eating... :p
20:00 Chatting in the living room.

I drank 3 glasses of wine and 2 cans of beer last nite during dinner... It's was a nice catch up with all my uncle, aunty and my cousins.... :p

07:00 Marketing @ Sungai Ara Market.
08:00 Hokkien Mee (Har Mee) for breakfast.
09:00 Back to aunty's place
13:00 Lunch @ my aunty place. [Plan]
16:00 Gym @ Island Plaza. [Plan]
18:00 Dinner (not sure where will be) [Plan]
20:00 Free slot [Plan]

08:00 Left Penang for KL. (bye bye Penang.... See you in CNY) [Plan]

Basically, it's a simple getaway with just spending most of my time with all my uncles, aunties and cousins who came back from Australia and Hong Kong.

P/s: the connection over here is extremely slow... I couldn't even upload 2 photos into the repository @ Will post some photo later eh~


Medie007 said...

tapau beef noodles! wakakakakakka

TZ said...

medie007: kekeke... no beef noodles weekend. Next time come with me, I bring you to eat Beef Noodles.

William said...

Ehem... "free slot".

Gratitude said...

Yalor....slot into what, or who? :P

Anonymous said...

It has been a long time since I last visited Penang.

Evann said...

No beef! I love cows... :)

LAURENCE said...

i miss there~

btw,hv a nice weekend~

foongpc said...

Why are you always going Penang? I thought you just came back from there not long ago!

CH Voon said...

wo u are good drinker? mix up...still can walk in line?

SJ said...

cant wait for photos

A smile from SJ =)

Anonymous said...

Makan all the way!!!! Hahahah

reanaclaire said...

Hope u can post yr pics soonest!

TZ said...

William: what are you thinking of ... FREE SLOT - Free time :p Just wanna to see anyone wanna to ask me out for Yamchar ... Ended up no one ... Sad Sad.

Gratitude : Errrrr....

Mei Teng: You should pay a visit to Penang... Penang has transform in term of its environment... Cleaner downtown.

Evann: hmmm... cow?

LAURENCE: go go to Penang... it's really different now.

Foongpc: hehehe... dude, Penang is my 2nd Home... The food paradise and nice place to take picture with lots of old building and its cultural stuff.

CH Voon: hehehe.... Long time din drink already but surprisingly i still okie :p

SJ: this round lots of food photo coming up... Stay tune eh~

Joshua: yup... It's makan trip ... So have to makan all the way .... ^.^

reanaclaire: will do ... lots of food pictures. O.o

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