Monday, December 21, 2009

Flashback : Meeting Blogger Friends @ Jan - June 2009

Year 2009 was the year i meet lots of Bloggers Face to Face... I started to meet Blogger since year 2008... but on year 2009, i actually met more than what i expected :p

I started with the year meeting Poohbearie who visited Jonzz @ Seremban... I drove 45 mins down south to meet her. Besides meeting her i met Terence too. read more >>

I went to gym regularly with Little Gray Dot (LGD) He was my gym buddy in Fitness First every Thursday. read more >>

During Chinese New Year (CNY), I met Soo who is a Korean working in Penang... We went for photo shooting on Day 3 of CNY. read more>>

Photography session with Chester, a blogger that just took up photography at that time ... We went up to Genting Highland for our photographing session... read more>>

Met two bloggers during my vacation to Sarawak... Frankie and Allen ... Frankie was so friendly and he even sent me off to the airport. Thanks Dude, for your hospitality during my stay in Kuching... read more>>

One of my blogger friend Freedom09 has his first time on the ice skating rink... yaya! what are all of you thinking... it's learning how to ice skate... read more>>

This new blogger Pooi Ling needed a portrait photo for her blog, I was asking to help her on taking her pictures... I didn't charge her for any services fees... So It's free ;-) BTW, She has been looking for a suitable guy to get married since i knew her... Finally after i took her pictures ... she now got married and i was not invited to her wedding dinner :p So anyone wanna to get marry and couldn't find a nice guy... come let me take your picture... *the famous lady facing the wall shots* read more>>

Met Anton, the popular owner of the blog named Gratitude. He organized a seafood blogger gathering @ Klang... read more>>

Met Edmund @ Bong and Josh Birthday for the first time... not much conversation during that day.

Went to Penang and managed to meet the Party Animal Paul...

... to be continue


manglish said...


Anonymous said...'re an active meet-a-fellow blogger guy!

I have not met any blogger(s) since I started blogging.


ooo~ am i gonna appear in the next entry? :) excited~ :P

uLi.佑莉 said...

Am I going to be the next post? :p

TZ said...

Manglish: @.@

Mei Teng: Are you too shy to meet the fellow blogger reader... ?

L2: hehehe... stay tune for the next post eh~ You could find the answer yourself ... :p

uLi.佑莉: hmmm... I don't think you will be on the next post... Coz we haven't meet face to face :p Maybe Twenty Ten resolution eh~

William said...

And I can't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday! Is Little Grey Dot still around?

KY said...

Being an active you this year. :)

TZ said...

William: yup.. LGD is still around ... he go to gym everyday... You know him?

KY: hheheheeee... So next year have to be NOT so active eh~

BoeyJoey said...

No nice to get to know the face behind the words, eh?

TZ said...

BoeyJoey: I'm not sure you... but i think it's much more nicer to meet up and know who is the person behind the words... :)

CH Voon said...

Cool! You meet a lot bloggers!

You travel quite frequently la...

one words to describ - COOL

TZ said...

CH Voon: hehehe... thanks thanks :p I really have a cool year in 2009... Hopefully i could keep up the Coolness in Twenty Ten. :p