Monday, December 7, 2009

68 percent

68 percent... No no it's not my daily lucky today @ Facebook... although i did check out my daily lucky today once a while to see how lucky am i for the day... but one thing i would not be bother by the percentage... :p

So what is 68%? hehehe... it's my trial exam score on Sunday. I was scoring the highest in the class but I was still not satisfied with the score... I should have done better... So what should i do from now until Saturday? I have to STUDY STUDY and STUDY... I wanna to score high~

Please DO NOT DISTURB sign has been hanging on my room door knob... STUDY in progress eh~
Ok, gotta to go now to STUDY STUDY and STUDY ....



Bravebear said...

woah! you actually got a Do Not Disturb sign? LOL! Never thought those were useful. hahaha! I think hor, some ppl when see this kind of signs will purposely disturb de. So better reverse it by saying "Please Disturb Me Now, I am Despo!" wahaha!


to bravebear, u r damn desperate and horny la~ :P

tz, stidu hard and all da best to u :)

manglish said...

hahahhaahha....all the best

[SK] said...

don't be bother by the highest score in the class.. you still need to work to the full thrust in order to get flying colors in the real exam!! good luck~~ :)

ladyviral said...

Study Study study!

Good luck!

Gratitude said...

You treat Mom as hotel maid ka? :P

CH Voon said...

then u need go to buy toto lo... 6868 hahaha

William said...

Is that enough to pass?

the happy go lucky one said...

wish u all the best yeah, and happy studying :)
*fast fast ciao before kena kicked out*

Twilight Zone said...

Think of Yuen!

Think of Shrimps!

Think of Grandma!

You will score ACE!

keeyit said...

Good luck on your study...

Paul J said...

68 harr?? i thought is 69..errr..u get what i meant?

Evann said...

Since my exam is now long gone, I'm giving you all my luck! Must return back when you're done with it okay! All the best! :)

Bengbeng said...

Do Not Disturb sign? Sounds like a good idea but i shuld amend to Mrs BB ok but Benghui do not disturb :)

TZ said...

Bravebear: Dude, when we see the sign in front of your room .. we know you don't wanna to be disturb :p

L2, Manglish : thanks :)

[SK]: yup.. that's y i'm working hard these few days. But now taking a break to reply comments :p thanks thanks for the luck :)

ladyviral: i will i will i will... thanks :)

Gratitude: aiyo... that sign just say plz do not disturb not the other side which is Please make the room ... kekeke ... I should turn it to the other side of the sign when you visit me :p PLEASE MAKE THE ROOM

CH Voon: ya hor ... dude you bought already? Go Go and buy 6868... you might strike the Jackpot eh~

William: is enough to pass but not satisfied lar :p

the happy go lucky one: thank thank ... I took a break now ... don't kick me :(

Twilight Zone: is it? So i have to think of YUEN, Shrimps and Grandma from time to time ... Morning, Afternoon, Night even when i sleep i should dream of Y-S-G :p So Grandma, can i borrow your crystal ball on Friday nite... wanna to see what comes out on Saturday Exam :p

keeyit: thanks thanks :)

Paul J: 68 no good why need 69... I know someone lucky number is 69 :p

Evann: dude, thanks for your good luck ... will return after this Saturday... if not claim your luck from Grandma ... he has plenty :p

BengBeng: LoLz... how about the PLEASE MAKE UP THE ROOM sign?