Monday, December 28, 2009

Flashback TZ's Travel : Q3 & Q4 2009

After Q1 & Q2 review ... let's proceed with Q3 flashback... I din travel much on Q3 as i was taking the SAP course and was preparing my exam... So basically most of my time was grounded in KL...

Klang, Selangor - July 11th 2009.
I was invited by Anton to have a yummy traditional Italian dinner @ his place. Met a new blogger friend KY during the dinner ... Lots of mingling... Read more >>

Penang / Alor Setar - August 4-7th 2009
Went to Penang for a short break after my SAP exam... since we visited Penang for so many times, decided to drive further north to Alor Setar. Read more>>

Jangsem Ling, Triang, Pahang. - August 8-10th 2009
I heard about lots of people took a break and went for a retreat and meditation trip in some of the temples around Malaysia... This was my first retreat trip @ a temple. The trip was nice and i learnt quite a number of interesting knowledge during the trip... Lots of interaction during the meal and free time... Read more>>

Okie! that's all for Q3 review... Now let's review Q4... Errrr... compare to Q1 and Q2.. I have cut down a bit of traveling due to i hooked up with studies. Most of my time spent over on preparing exam for SAP and CSCP...

Georgetown, Penang - November 5-8th 2009
This trip what we did most of the time was eat eat eat and eat... Since we only have a full day this round... we visited the popular Penang hill and the oldest botanical garden in Malaysia. Beside the sightseeing, we had visited couples of nice places for food. Read more>> #1 #2 #3 #4

Taiping, Perak - November 8th 2009
This town has two oldest famous and popular landmark... The oldest Zoo and the oldest lake garden. We stopped by on a day trip before heading back to KL.

FRIM, Kuala Lumpur - November 29th 2009
A blogger outing to the forest near polluted metropolitan KL... A nice hiking and climbing the hill to reach the closed canopy walk... blek~ Read more>>

Georgetown, Penang - December 18-20th 2009
A Penang getaway to visit my aunties, uncles and cousins and went for a nice Hokkien Mee, of coz my aunt's cooking too... read more>>

I think i would end my year 2009 travel with Penang... Stay tune with my travel post on year Twenty Ten... Hopefully i gotta go out from Malaysia eh~

P/S: anyone know how many times i have been to Penang this year? Am i qualified to be Penangkia? or should i say Penang <-- TZ's 2nd home... huhahahahahaaaa... :p


the happy go lucky one said...

wowww... like tat u still considered it as travel little ah? i think i whole year also nvr travel as much as u did in one quarter :P
and that Jangsem Ling is such a peaceful place hor, i love it :)

manglish said...

you definitely went to penang a lot of times hahaah happy new year

CH Voon said...

you dont might if i call you Penangkia bo hahaha?

you really travel a lot in Malaysia la... you go there for working or holiday?

Bananazക said...

Wowie you completed the Q4 so soon. Great activities over the year.

conan_cat said...

wah travel so much for the year, so fun! :P i wish i can travel that many times around too, even though it's just around Malaysia! :D

and ooo, nice pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Is the canopy walk closed for maintenance? I went up the canopy walk sometime back. It was a nice experience...high up there among the trees..although it was abit scary for me.

TZ said...

the happy go lucky one: Still i think it's not enough... Let's go for a short trip on Twenty Ten :p

manglish: yup! So am i Penangkia or what? BTW, are you Penangkia?

CH Voon: hahahaha.... my frenz keep asking me to recommend nice food in Penang...

Bananaz: hahaha... not much travel on Q3 and Q4 :p

Conan_cat: hahaha... i wish i could travel more outside Malaysia :p

Mei Teng: yup the canopy walk was closed for maintenance... maybe i should go up again on my next trip :)

Nikel Khor said...

i m penang kia

here me at Nikel Khor

KY said...

So many trips over the year. Jealous...

TZ said...

nikel Khor: I know I know ... :p

KY: i jealous you not only cuti cuti Malaysia... you cuti-cuti the rest of the world such as Australia, Indonesia etc... :p