Sunday, December 6, 2009

A TARCIAN dinner

To all my fellow TARCIAN readers... this entry is dedicated to you in regardless whether you have attended the dinner on last Saturday or just have give way to another wedding dinner... Anyway, enjoy the pictures that i have taken and do comment after reading eh~... :p

If you noticed i have posted another entry regarding the invitation card (do read my previous post) By now, you should be able to guess what time my mom and I arrived @ TARC. Yup! It's 5pm sharp... (hey we are not Kiasu, just that we thought it's only a short 2 hours mingling session... To my surprise it's a 8 course Chinese meal dinner. (Errrr... This was not my first time to attend this kind of dinner but it definitely was the first time to get an invitation stated 5:00pm for 7:00pm)...

This shots was taken on 5:30pm

Another hiccup was time management... the function should have started @ 7pm sharp... but the organizing committee has decided to wait for more late comer TARCIANS even the guest of honour has arrived about 6pm... so at the end, the function started @ 7:45pm... :(

Let's roll back to capture one very important statement earlier... I was sitting with a TARCIAN (Alumni) from Business faulty... he was so confident telling me that TARCIAN would defintely come 7pm sharp coz @ 6:30pm... the hall was not even 75%... I just gave him a smile and said "Let's See..."

The function started with the hip hop dance from the TARC student ... followed by the organizing chairman speech...

They are dancing lots of different songs including Lady GaGa's Poker Face
Do all of them looks poker face to you?

Principle of TARC speech was quite interesting... he full utilized his time to report out the progress of TARC

Oh! I like this program... it's a orchestra which formed with the mix of Chinese and Western music instruments

This are Chinese Instruments

First Course - the four season
Food was not very good but what do you expect, it was a charity event.
So have to bear with it.

The TARC choir performance led by Joseph, I was enjoying the song they sang

Joseph and his singing partner sang The Prayer, one of my favorite song...

This uncle was so talented with harmonica... big, small and all types of harmonicas
He even used his nose to blow... i meant the music instruments :p

This young dude was awarded Astro Talent Quest
errrr... I don't know which year and his name too
Just didn't pay any attention to what the MC said :p
Anyway, he is very talented as per said.

Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to TARC
Happy Birthday to you

I didn't manage to stay throught the cake cutting celebration... the cake above was distributed to each of the tables in the hall... We left early as i have a trial exam the next day... That's it folks for all the report out on the 40th Anniversary of TARCIAN/Alumni dinner... Hope you enjoy eh~

Oh! one more thing... since Twilight Grandma was asking whether they served Shrimp and Oyster like YUEN... errrr... Grandma, the answer is in the picture... No Oyster only Shrimp... :(

Despite the two hiccups on the important items in organizing the events...Improvement needed... the overall dinner was good I meant the environment not the food and the entertaining talented TARCIAN who made the dinner so lively and enjoyable... I was so amazed with those talented TARCIAN since 1970s until today... :p


manglish said...

TARC is coming up very strongly i think the PJ campus is very near my office hee :)

SJ said...

like the color of the ceiling

A smile from SJ =)


Tarcian ROCKS~

William said...

Looks like a wedding dinner!

TZ said...

Manglish: oh Manglish you are working in PJ... maybe we can go yamchar @ J-One :)

SJ: which picture ... the first one eh~

L2: hehehe... So you ROCKS too eh~

William: hhahaha.... in fact i felt that too :p Only thing we don't give angpow and there's not alcohol and toasting :p

KY said...

Waited for 2hr24min? Haha, I might show my dark face de. But it's typical malaysian for being late la, not a new stuff also.

TZ said...

KY: the US people stated Malaysia time as rubber time ... expandable. Hehehe... this is maybe Malaysia used to have the world largest Rubber producer country... so the time also become rubber :p

khengsiong said...

So your mum is a TARCian too?
I do MBA in UTAR.

uLi.佑莉 said...

Wooo...Great event and can get everyone gather up :)

TZ said...

khengsiong: My parents, my sis including me are not TARCIAN...

uLi : hehehe... :)

Gabriel said...

haha...two hours of mingling, that's quite long! can get to know everyone already if they do come early. :)

the happy go lucky one said...

sounds like very happening night, but really i wont go there earlier lor, the most is just 30min before the dinner start, yeah i know im so malaysian :P

smallkucing said...

Typical Malaysian. Nt punctual. But at least you have fun

TZ said...

Gabriel: I was there 2 hours but i was not in the mode of mingling... basically i was sitting there quietly and just observed the surrounding :p

the happy go lucky one: if not because of some hiccup in the invitation card... i would have gone to the dinner @ 6:30pm or maybe 7pm sharp.

smallkucing: hahaha... that's typical Malaysian eh~ Should improve... :p

Nikel Khor said...

where ur TAR?

TZ said...

Nikel Khor: Thanks for dropping by my blog ... hmmm... now everyone thought that i'm TARCIAN... Dude, i'm not from TAR... I graduated from Canada :p