Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Year Eve Countdown

Another New Year Eve (NYE) Countdown is on its way... I was glad that i got invited to NYE Twenty Ten countdown @ KLCC this year... My friend has organized this event and he has booked the venue for all of us to countdown together....

My last NYE countdown @ the street was in year of 2005. Yup~ It was 4 years back... My ex-colleague from US was here on business trip. So we were having our countdown @ The Curve. I still remembered clearly, we were stuck in the carpark of The Curve for at least half and hour and ended up decided to wait @ Starbucks until 2:30am... After 4 years, this will be the year that i countdown on the street again... :p Hopefully there will not be a massive jam and stuck in KLCC carpark until 5am :p

Anyway, let's do a flashback to the NYE countdown 2009... because of avoiding those massive jam @ KL downtown or PJ... I decided not to join any group of my friends for countdown last year... so I ended up setting my camera on my balcony. I managed to shoot the fireworks @ KL city... I know one blogger wanna to stand @ my balcony and enjoy the scenery of KL this year... lalalalala :p

Birdie Eye View of KL city before the fireworks
KL city clean and clear

Fireworks started @ 12am (birdie eye view)
Three main places: Merdeka Square, Bintang Walk and KLCC.

Let's zoom into further via my Nikon D70 18-200mm VR lens... Nice?

Fireworks @ KLCC

Fireworks @ Merdeka Square

Welcome to the polluted metropolitan Kuala Lumpur after the fireworks... See how smokey and hazy after those nice fireworks... Pollution pollution.

Folks, my balcony will NOT be opened for Twenty Ten countdown... I will be @ KLCC as i mention earlier... To those of my friends who are going to attend the countdown gathering @ KLCC together with me. See you there eh~

For those who go for the countdown @ KLCC park... if you bump into me and decided to take my picture... please do let me know before you posted my picture eh~ Otherwise, people don't visit your blog ... Don't blame me eh~


Bravebear said...

Jealous-nyer... The view is so nice.

the happy go lucky one said...

wowww so happening for u ah? my last street countdown was with my ex i think was at the curve in 2007 if im not mistaken kekeee... after that no more lor :) and yes the jam can b pretty bad, so normally its either u take the lrt, or only drive an hour later kekeee

Filip Demuinck said...

Nice picture of the twin towers, did you take it? Super

Kind regards,

smallkucing said...

Safer to take LRT unless you are willing to be stuck in the jam. Make sure to bring a loaf of roti o eat with the jam :p

Anonymous said...

I believe there will likely be a traffic jam in most parts of the city during countdown every year. That's why I stay away.

SJ said...

the lighting..wow

A smile from SJ =)

CH Voon said...

nice photos! i like it! You took it or get from others people

hehehe possible i will countdown my NYE at Kulim - working at site!... maybe play the firework in the factory gua.... hope the factory manager won't scold me...

KY said...

Another balcony shots. Now I really wanted to stand there and enjoy the fireworks view. Countdown dinner @ KLCC? Can I join?

Nikel Khor said...

nice firework..

Medie007 said...

aiyo. u think ur looney friend will even dare to talk to u mei?

William said...

The fireworks shot in between the Twin Towers is amazing!

Gratitude said...

Gosh, countdown at your balcony wld be so nice, and cheap too. For food, a couple of char siew paus and a cheap bottle of wine will do the trick! :)

Chris said...

Wa... where u stay at KL?
Ur place have a very good view of KL city,,

ladyviral said...

you have a really nice apartment... a good view.. bad pollution though o_O.

Well, looks like you will be having fun this NYE :). Have a great time! Make sure to have a great time of my share too :P.

manglish said...

ahhhhhhhh i miss NYE celebrations in KL

TZ said...

Bravebear: dude, don't jealous... :p

the happy go lucky one: let's see what would be this year countdown...

filip Demuinck: Dude, thanks... The picture was taken by me from my balcony with my Nikon D70 VR 18-200mm lens :) I zoom all the way out.

smallkucing: hmmm... will i be stuck and become Sardin in the LRT?

Mei Teng: So where are you going to have your countdown then?

SJ: thanks ... i like those lighting too.

CH Voon: Dude, of coz i took it... It's from my balcony :p Hmmm... so you will be countdown in Kulim eh~ maybe you could head to AutoCity... :p

KY: hmmm... i thot you are invited to the countdown dinner @ KLCC... not my balcony rite? :p

nikel Khor: thanks thanks ...

medie007: who is my loony friends... Am i so fierce until the loony friend not dare to come cross to say Hi

William: thanks thanks :)

Gratitude: aiyo... my balcony is way too small for gathering... *Wink Wink*

Chris: hehehe... a place that can oversee the whole KL view :p

ladyviral: hehehehe... i will :)

manglish: we could go for another round of countdown when you are back to KL :p