Wednesday, August 8, 2007

365 days to go ...

The Beijing Olympic will be held on 080808... which is one year from now. There were a celebration of one year countdown tonite @ Beijing. I missed the live telecast, it should be the good one.

Look at the picture, how beautiful is the Tiananmen square. I missed it as i have a meeting @ 9pm... :-( Anyway, thanks to the technology, i could see it in the web.

Here are some links to know more about how China celebrated the one year countdown of the Beijing Olympic 2008.

1. CCTV9 International :
2. CNN international:

Couple of main stadium in Beijing Olympic 2008 ... (how impress is the architecture)

Venue: National Stadium
Location: Olympic Green
Total land surface (10,000 sq. m.): 25.8
Seats: 91,000
Functions during the Games: Athletics, Football

Venue: National Aquatics Center
Location: Olympic Green
Total land surface (sq. m.): 65,000-80,000
Seats: 6,000 permanent and 11,000 temporary
Functions during the Games: Swimming, Diving, Water Polo, and Synchronized Swimming

Venue: National Indoor Stadium
Location: Olympic Green
Total land surface (10,000 sq. m.):8.09
Functions during the Games: Artistic Gymnastics, Trampolines, and Handball

Venue: Beijing Shooting Range Hall
Location: Shijingshan District, Beijing
Total land surface (sq. m.): 45,645
Functions during the Games: Qualifications and finals of 11 shooting events, consisting of all 10-meter, 25-meter, and 50-meter range shooting events. The entire shooting sports of the 2008 Paralympic Games will also be held in the venue.

Venue: Wukesong Indoor Stadium
Location: Wukesong Culture and Sports Center
Total land surface (10,000 sq. m.):6.3
Functions during the Games: Basketball


Anonymous said...

Wah, also interested in Olympics hah....the buildings look a bit 'unreal' to me...too sophisticated..and too canggih! but they should have spent billion yuan for that! You going to the olympics or not? :-D

TZ said...

the illustration look a little bit unreal but trust the architect whom designed the building... they are making it happen... BTW, if you happened to drop by Shanghai... you will know what i mean... :-> Way better than boleh-land.

winniethepooh said...

The buildings looks great, however, shall not speculate, but we will know whether it lives up to its expection come 08082008 :)

TZ said...

the whole world will see eh!... If it does lives up to its expectation it is a breakthru on architecture.

The Discovery did show how the architect design and what is the expected outcome. And how the contractor build too. said...

it's just 193 days to go now..
let's countdown together at
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