Friday, August 31, 2007

Perfect Stranger

Crime could happen and plan with the right location at the right time without anyone notice. I never expect that the real murderer is Rowena... This is really a surprise after Miles review the crime scene planning in the last 20 mins before the movie ends. As expected, Miles is the next victim as Rowena for sure will kill him to keep his mouth shut. This is so scary if it is a real case. Anyway, the story is quite interesting but not up to my expectation on this Bruce Willis movie. Usually Bruce's movies are mix of actual and thriller/crime investigation. But this is more storyline and a little bit dry.

I managed to ask Darrenzeger out to have a movie with me today. Pre-booked the seat for Perfect Stranger @ Cineleisure The Curve. I picked up Musa @ his place and we went to the Curve @ about 12pm. Got the ticket from the box office and headed for our lunch. We had our lunch @ TGIF. Guess what we ordered?

My order:
Starter: fried calamari;
Main: Half BBQ Ribs
Dessert: Mocha creamy pie
Drink: my favor Ultimate Long Island Ice Tea.

Darrenzeger's order
Starter: Shared
Main: Southwest Shrimp Ceaser Salad
Dessert: Shared
Drink:Utimate Margarita

Yummy! Yummy :q

After the meal, we have a walk in the curve to kill some time before the movie. We managed to get in the cinema on time. Grabbed a large pop corn and plain water, we were ready to enjoy our movie :-p Hey you know what? darrenzeger nearly felt asleep... fortunately not otherwise we would have additional soud effect :-p

Anyway, after the movie we dropped by Starbuck to have a quick sipped of coffee / fruit punch and headed to MJ for more shopping. Darrenzeger was looking for a pair of jeans but at the end he bought couple of clothing instead. This is also happen to me... usually i will lose focus and bought something else :-p Anyway, we had a great day today. :-) I dropped Darrenzeger off to the place that he was going to have dinner with his friends and called it a day. I had a short nap during watch TV back in couch @ my condo. This is what happen to me if i'm tire ...


zu said...

wow, you really do enjoy life.

sbanboy said...

Wah .... I wanna watch tat movie ...erm someday :)

TZ said...

Zu: You bet :-)

Sbanboy: I bet your mom's cooking is better than Musa and I movie out eh! :-p

The movie is not that good... :-> You may wanna to skip.

Musa said...

Southwest shrimp Ceaser Salad.. nyum nyum..

zu said...

kns, you mk living look so easy.

TZ said...

Musa: I'm glad you enjoy the meal :-)

Zu: We need to enjoy life... living is not easy but we need to enjoy... :->