Thursday, August 23, 2007

High School Reunioun countdown...

I received a mail from my high school mate two days ago. I have responded that i'm going to attend the gathering on next Sat (September 2nd 2007). So, i'm excited to meet those school mate that i don't see them after high school :-) about 15 years already... so how they would look like and how do i look like and so on...

Anyway, here you go the mail content
In celebration of 20th anniversary for us who bearing the school number of 87xxx, a small gathering is organized as follows:
Date & Day: 1 Sept 2007 (Sat)
Time: 6:30pm (dinner shall be served at 7pm)
Venue: Soong Foong Inn Vegetarian Restaurant 松風小館素食料理
No. 22, SS23/11, Tmn SEA, 47400 Petaling Jaya. Tel: 03-7806 2235
(please refer to the attached location map & brief explanation)

You and your family are cordially invited. Kindly revert to us via email or sms by 25 Aug (Sat), with your full name and school number, as well as the number of persons (adult & child) clearly stated. (Also let us know if you need baby chair for your children)

Please help to forward to those who are are not in my mailing list. Thank you.
we are looking forward to seeing you soon.

ps: Not only family member are invited. We also welcome the attendance of your partner or fiance(e).

After receiving this mail, i quickly response with my name and my school number... what is the attendee number ... only me lor... what to do? No girlfriend to bring with me... (anyone willingly to be my gf for this dinner ah? I could be contacted via this blog :-p )... Then my school mate responded to me and double confirmed with me that I will be going alone... how awful, why can't i go alone? Anyway, who cares? I'm enjoying my single and available life rite now.


winniethepooh said...

whats the big deal, going alone, going alone lor..who knows u might meet a nice 'alone' lady school mate too :) now, wont that be NICER rather than hving someone pretending to be ur gf :P

TZ said...

LoL... I would not wanna to have a temporary gf just to show off... This is not rite. I'm cool to go alone... :-p

Winniethepooh: Yup, maybe i will meet someone there :-)

Anonymous said...

bring mum will do

TZ said...

Dalantau: great idea! ... but it will not work for me :-p

doc said...

yeah, what's the big deal?

be your confident self & i suspect more than a few of your ex-classmates may even envy you & wished they were still single!!

knock them dead, man!!

TZ said...

Doc: I just hope that the lady that i went out during high school time is still single :-p

To have the wish come true, i need to borrow Aladdin's wonderful lamp to make three wishes :->