Sunday, August 12, 2007

My fat percentage is 15.8% not 18.5%

There is a correction on my fat percentage which i blogged about on my previous entry 18.5%... I actually hit 15.8% which my PT was so happy and he has nothing to say... He encouraged me to continue maintain this... My total body weight has increased which means that my total muscle mass has increased ... hurray... more muscular lah! BTW, Have you set your goal that you wanna to hit for your body fat percentage? or your muscle mass? or your health? hurry set it and work out to achieve it... you will not get there without a goal man! ...

I started my own free weight workout after my CPIM class. I workout on Chin up; Upper, mid and lower chest; bi-cep and tri-cep... shoulder push up too. My upper body a little bit tired but felt satisfy... i never expected there were still so many people in the free weight area in Fitness First Axis after 5:30pm... People was still coming in at about 5:45pm. The gym close at 7pm every Sunday... I finished my workout and took the shower, left the gym at about 6:50pm. Heading to buy my healthy food ... Subway... and headed back to my condo. :->

Today's dinner

  • Two scoop of NitroTech Hardcore Protein Powder
  • one six inch of Subway sandwich menu: Turkey breast Turkey Ham and Roasted Beef with Mustard sauce and some pepper.
  • One bowl of campbell mushroom soap
  • 2 Green Apples
Hey, I'm a little bit hungry rite now... i would need to take some snack before hitting the bed. Snack: High fiber low salt Jacob crackers.

Exercise is not the only factor to loss 1.5KG of FAT within 2 months ... controlling the diet is also playing a very important part in total fat loss... :->


Chen said...

15.8%? Wow..

TZ said...

After my 1 year of workout and don't know how many litres of sweat ... :-p

I started with 23.7% which is near to the max for my age... last week measure 15.8% which way lower than the min (17%)... but good things is my weight increase ... :-)

poohbearee said...

Keep it up!
I agree that apart from exercise, diet plays a v important role. Happy gyming and exercising :)

TZ said...

thanks poohbearee...
I gotta check out the hotel gym tomorrow evening :-)