Saturday, August 18, 2007

MIFC @ Putrajaya

I called Sbanboy and Musa to see whether are they interested to head to Putrajaya for the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition watching. Unfortunately, Musa has a dinner with his church buddies (including Dalantau) @ the Ampang waterfront Korean BBQ. So, happened to make arrangement with Sbanboy to head to Putrajaya to take the picture of the fireworks as planned.

I gathered all my camera gadget including the tripod. Dump it @ my car trunk and decided to head to the gym before meeting Sbanboy. Finished my workout @ Fitness first SPK, called up Sbanboy and heading towards south. When I reached the Desa Waterpark interchange, there were a lots of cars caught in the jam heading towards the Seremban Highway. I decided to exit to use Federal highway, again the jam started before the Mid-valley interchange. So i decide to call off the plan and heading back to my condo... It was a disappointed nite... :-(

Anyway, here is some interesting information regarding the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) Will try to arrange another trip on next weekend, hopefully we could manage to head to Putrajaya... :-)

Malaysian International Fireworks Competition (MIFC)

Malaysia International Fireworks Competition 2007 Putrajaya International Convention Centre will be the venue for the 1st Malaysia International Fireworks Competition. The magnificent view across the lake overlooked by the grand Seri Gemilang bridge will be the main focus for two weeks. From 18 August 2007 till 2 September 2007, Nations from Australia, Japan, Italy and Malaysia will be competing for the Merdeka trophy.


Chen said...

The firework scenes were indeed magnificent. Too bad u didn't manage to visit the place coz of traffic jam. Hopefully luck will be on your side next weekend :)

winniethepooh said...

The fireworks looks fantastic! Whenever there's a major festival or event, we always leave the car at home or drive to the nearest station and take a train down to the destination..:)

hopefully u will get to go down again and take some really beautiful pics huh! :)

TZ said...

Chen: you managed to go to the firework last nite? You are luck... :-) I will try my luck next week.

Winniethepooh: Sept 2nd will be the finale of the competition. Guess what? Canada will be on that nite... too bad, i will be spending my weekend in Penang.

Shaz said...

Heyy!!! the view from Cyberjaya where AKon Concert took place wasn't too pleasing... perhaps we were too far away and the fireworks weren't that high enough.

Oh well... :(

ps: how did you find my blog?

TZ said...

Shaz: I found your blog via Sengming's blog.