Thursday, August 23, 2007

Gym + Fireworks

I don't think the title clicked... anyway, i have a enjoyable nite out...

Matt (friend), Corine (colleague) and I decided to give an attempt on watching the fireworks @ Putrajaya. We got off on 1730 and between 1730 to 2200... this is a long waiting time that we don't know how we could killed it. So, i inivited both of them to come with me to Fitness First @ IOI Mall for a tryout session. When we reached there, there were lots of people there already waiting for the class. Corine wanted to try out the BodyJam @ 1820. Although, Matt and I were sucks in dancing but we went in the class with Corine until 1845, then headed to RPM.

Setting up the bike was a challenge for Matt initially. But after he learnt and got the technique from Alvin (the instructor). He managed to setup a good and comfortable setting for himself. Class started and Matt was enjoying the RPM so much that he kept going on and on and on and on until the end... :-) Anyway, it was a awesome experience for him. He told me that he didn't feel any muscle pain... Way to go Matt... wanna to try BodyCombat, BodyAttack, BodyPump, BodyBalance, BodyStep... Bodyxxxx (new one lah!)?

We had our dinner @ the nearby restaurant before headed to Cyberjaya for the fireworks. When we arrived there, the place was packed with people and those irresponsible drivers just left their car and headed to the lake side. I was cursing those driver who parked their car and hope that the bus would hit and smashed their car... unfortunately it did not happen... :-(

The fireworks was worth for 1 hours plus of jam for 25mins fireworks display. After the fireworks, i sent Matt home and headed back to my condo. I reached downtown KL @ about 12:10pm... it was a long drive back but it worth... :-)


winniethepooh said...

beautiful firework :) surely there is alot of 'oooo, ahhhh, wowwww' there isnt it? :)

As for ur friend Matt, I think he wont be feeling the aches now, but he might just be feeling the aches the next day :P hehehe

TZ said...

The competition will go on until Sept 2nd 2007. Canada will be perform on the finale. If i not mistaken, Canada is not taking part in the competition. Anyway, i'm planning to go for the fireworks again on Saturday... hopefully i could managed to squeeze into the crowd and take some video clip... Will post it to the U-tube later :-p

As of yesterday evening, Matt still don't feel the aches... Let see whether he felt it today. As for me, the aches will only come a day after the workout. :-)

Anonymous said...

it really nice...must be very happening one haha..did ur car kena hit and smash? kidding