Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Tough workout

I had a tough workout on Monday nite after rest for a week on PT session... :-)

My PT Isaiah has planned quite a challenge and different from what i did normally. He started the training with the Cycling --> chin up /push up --> rowing --> back --> abs --> stretch.

1 min of easy ride
1 min of racing
1 min of seated climb
1 min of standing climb
** each min the resistant is different. the cycling lasted for 8 mins which is two set.

Chin up / push up
3 set of 6 reps chin up with the interval of push up (tricep push up)

Rowing (total distance 1000m)
2 mins of easy row
1 min of fast rowing
2 mins of easy row again
1 min of fast rowing
2 mins of easy row again
30 sec of fastest rowing (spend all my energy to row up to 40m/s)
** Row Row Row a boat ... blah blah (i forgot the lyrics already... it is a kids' song)

Using fitball one hand with the 20lbs dumbbell and the other hand and leg holding the fitball.
curling the arm/shoulder

Driving with Fitball : Using the 5kg plate as the steering and sit on the fitball. Turning left and right to work out the abs. Initially i thought this is not too challenge but at the end i felt my abs really workout.
Bridge on the Fitball: This position is not easy. In fact it is one of the difficult abs exercises. Ouch! it hurts when i adjust my hand according to my PT instruction.

This is the most enjoyable after the 1 hour workout...
that's it folks. My Monday workout.

Are you interested to try out this workout... If so, you may wanna to consider to sign up a PT session to have the taste of what i'm having rite now. Good workout leads to good result eh!

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