Saturday, August 25, 2007

Relaxing Saturday with an early morning call...

Woke up as early as 7:30am on Saturday morning unwillingly... My inconsider neighbor (the unit above me) was knocking on the wall... doing some construction work. If i was granted three wishes... I would wish the persons that stay one unit above me disappear, so he or she would not make so much noise and brought so much inconvenience to his or her neighbor... (I'm soooo bad! :-p ).

Anyway, after woke up so early, i decided to do some banking... I went down to Citibank @ Damansara Perdana to transfer my personal banker (PB) to that branch... hurray! I don't need to go downtown for any F2F transaction. This PB is very friendly and i hope she would provide a good services to me... She is not as arrongant as my previous PB. I need to move on as this PB provided a better service... reality drives :-p

I drove all the way down to Fitness First SPK to do my gym but unfortunately, I got to leave after 15mins... it was so stuffy and i felt like no O2 in the gym :-p So, headed to KLCC... I don't know what i was going to do and my stomach cry for food (like a baby :-> ). Decided to dropped by Starbuck. Here i am in Starbuck by the park @ KLCC. Sitting a nice located table that i have the whole view of the park @ the background and could observed the people reaction... :-> Let me take a picture of the environment... (i have to uploaded the picture later lah!, damn I left my USB wire @ home :-(

Guess what? I'm sitting besides these 3 lady which i believe they are the promoters for SK II... One of them is so vain (the right one). She kept looking at her small mirror from time to time. The middle one whom boasting about property and her husband know lots of developers which could get good price. The left one was so admire and wanted to get a property... Three of them keep gossiping and they are entertaining me too... So i'm not so bored :-p Too bad they just left...

Interesting enough, one family just came in and sit in front of me... from the way they dress and talking, i think they are not KL metropolitan city people... Hey! this is Starbuck not food court... please slow down your voice... talking as loud as thunder... yet not ordering anything from the counter and occupied a table. Come on buy something from Starbuck, otherwise move on please... hehehe... I'm so sarcastic... :-p At last, they left... table in front of me empty again with some tissue left by the group... no business for Starbuck yet need to clean up the mess. What a day!

Starbuck over here is still very busy... Now i need to decide whether should i proceed to Fitness First Maxis or should i just skipped workout for today and headed home... I will stay until about 3pm and head home to get change then come by to fetch Matt in downtown... :->


Quah, Seng-Sun said...

Hi hi,

This isn't connected to your posting at all but yes, I enjoyed my lunch at the Coliseum Cafe. Not so much the food but the atmosphere. I shouldn't have waited all those years before setting foot in it again. Maybe I'll go there again sometime soon in the future.

SS Quah
Penang, Malaysia

poohbearee said...

Keep up your exercise regime. You r disciplined :)

Work has zapped out all my energy. Not been to the gym for a month. Tmr is my half

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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winniethepooh said... like to 'silently' listen to neighbour's stories at coffee places too huh...sometime i do that too when me alone :P when i giggle people must be thinking i gone nuts haha

hope u had a great sat evening! :)

Anonymous said...

bad english

sbanboy said...

Wah .... got time to hear all the gossip ah ? Hehe

TZ said...

SSQUAH: thanks for dropping by... :->

PoohBearee: I'm still keeping up my exercise... i'm going to see my PT on Monday evening :-)

Winniethepooh: I like to listen to those gossip whenever i was alone in Starbucks. hehehe... :-p

Sbanboy: just wanna to relax like what you relax with your PSP and PS2... hehehe... dude, enjoy your study eh!