Friday, August 10, 2007

WL @ Holister

I bought a Holister polo shirt three weeks ago. I never notice something different until yesterday morning I retrieving this shirt from my closet. I notice that the washing label (WL) is very uniquely designed.

Hey, did you see Chiko inside too... These words are the washing labels... So here is a zoom in version


winniethepooh said...

thats a nice idea. Save a bit on the tags..and anyway, for a tshirt, I seldom read before I wash it :) only on more expensive or special pieces do i bother to read the washing tags heheh

TZ said...

Winniethepooh: me too. It happened that this tshirt drawn my attention. it is so wordy with a Monkey besides... :->

zu said...

HAR... you mean you never thoroughly look at a shirt before you purchased it? You juz grab the nearest shirt to the entranc, pay and stuff it in your closet?


Hey, juz realised, you wear size S? wow. you need to eat!

TZ said...

Zu, this is US size S which equivalent to M in Asia... but i prefer to wear smaller sign to show my body... LoL :-p

I'm the one that don't even bother to look at the washing label and but i will check all part of the shirt sometime i don't ... When i bought this shirt, i was in a hurry, i was late for a dinner date... :-p