Friday, August 17, 2007

Final nite @ Penang ...

I had my meeting ran until 6pm and felt so tired after the meeting last nite... energy low! But the energy boast up during the dinner... My boss old friend bought us to one restaurant called Ocean Green for seafood. We ordered quite a few dishes of seafood i.e. bake roe crab, prawns etc. It was a good dinner ... Unfortunately, i don't have my camera with me... no picture again :-(

Anyway, after the dinner, went back to the hotel for my nice jacuzzi again. I was enjoying the jacuzzi for a few days and I felt so relax after the jacuzzi. I think i will be coming back to this hotel again for my next trip :-)

Gotta to catch up with my meeting in 4 mins time. Update later eh!


winniethepooh said...

ahh..this is life..nice seafood dinner, then jacuzzi..then blonk onto the comfortable bed. hehehe U must be thinking, "If only dont have to work tomorrow", right TZ? ;)

TZ said...

Bingo! wow, you know me very well :-p

But my wishes did not come true... still need to work the next day :-)