Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A tired day... meeting until 1830

I had a long day today... started the meeting on 9am... and back to back meeting with only 1 hour lunch... required full concentration. But quite happy as accomplished my mission and learnt more about the process.

My boss brought the colleague of us from US to have the dinner @ Kashmir This restaurant located in Penang road and claimed that has the best Tandori chicken in town. The price is a little bit high but anyway it was worth for the amount of services.

Picture from Kashmir restaurant (I did not bring my camera today)

After dinner, we dropped my colleague @ Evergreen and headed back to our hotel. I straight prepared the jacuzzi once i entered the room. Get my laptop connected and start doing some surfing and chatting while waiting for the water to be filled.

I'm very tired right now. Going to hit the bed :-)

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winniethepooh said...

Have a good rest..if there's time, go for a nice massage too, really relaxed and freshen one up. Is the real version of tandoori chicken looks just as yummy as that pic? :)