Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Sleepless in Kuala Lumpur

I was not able to sleep well last night after my gym workout. I think maybe my body was too active after a tough workout + all the RPM classes that i attended. I attended the RPM full + 4 tracks from RPM Challenge (half way came out to do my PT session with ISAIAH). The whole PT session was tough... targeting all those muscle which i don't workout and do my own practise... hey Isaiah, i felt good yesterday during the training but this morning i felt my body is as heavy as a huge rock. Difficult to pull myself up from the bed for 7am meeting.

I think due to the exercise that i did last night. I kind of not feeling tire but fresh. I belief it contributed to the sleepless nite that i have. I could not sleep until 2:30am... tried counting the sheep, pig, chicken and ... (any animal). At the end, my eye was so tired and felt asleep.

Set the alarm @ 6:45am... got up. Guess what is the first thing i do?

Still have not decide whether should i go to the gym tonite as i was so tired.. maybe take a day off from gym :-p


winniethepooh said...

usually when i cant sleep, i just listen to music, close eyes or drink a glass of warm milk. :)

yeah listen to the body, tired take a rest off for one day from gym :)

sbanboy said...

A warm glass of milk ... music ... reading books put me to sleep ....hehe

Hey come have dinner with me lah ?

Immanuel a.k.a dalantau said...

counting animals can make you sleep? It works huh?

Whenever I cannot sleep, I just stay the night and wait until it comes! No petua-one. But so lucky that I don't have problem with sleeping, so far.

poohbearee said...

I din go to the gym today either. sigh...Btw, wat is RPM challange?

TZ said...

Winniethepooh, thanks for the suggestion... next time i will try the method :-)

Sbanboy: What a coincidence, i did not read my blog before text you to meet up for dinner. :-p Anyway, thanks for bringing me to Uncle Lim's for the porridge...

Immanuel: Counting animal does not work lah... otherwise i don't need to count sheep, pig, chicken etc... got cheated from the cartoon lah... :-p

Poohbearee, RPM challenge is also RPM but it is an hour class which have 11 tracks instead of 9 tracks, the instructor got to choose whether is a mountain climb or other tracks :-) It is a tough workout for beginner but once you get used to it ... you will enjoy it :-)