Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Coming Soon - photo sharing on Photo Session @ KLCC

Monika and I went for a dinner @ KLCC after work. After the dinner, we walked over to the KLCC park for a photo session... Here you go a pictures that i have uploaded and ready to share... the rest will be upload later...

I gotta hit the bed, will be driving to Malacca for a day trip tomorrow. Bringing Monika to see Malacca , the true multi cultural Malaysia with lots of historical sites.


combliss said...

Hi, ur life is so wonderful with a lot of trips. anyway go malacca should take some nice foods.

TZ said...

combliss: thanks for dropping by.

We have a nice trip and my US colleague got the opportunity to try all source of food from Chicken rice ball to Nyonya Cendol and Satay Celup etc... :->