Saturday, March 22, 2008

Photo taking in Penang?

I'm looking for some activities as i don't know what should i do for the rest of the afternoon in this island... Maybe i should just walk around and take some picture again or just chill out in the mall down the road...

BTW, here is the view from the hotel i stay in Penang... anyone would able to guess what hotel i'm staying?

Update (1:30pm): The sky is getting darker and i have changed my plan to just sitting @ Starbucks and doing some blog reading. Not going anywhere, just wanted to sit by here and chill out. :->


JJzai said...

G-Hotel lor.
where else?
I am going to gurney soon.
See you if i can meet u.

TZ said...

JJzai: I'm staying in the Gurney this time ... not G-hotel :-> Let's see whether we could bump into each other in Gurney place.

StrawberrY woRLD said...

hi.. is nice blog u have.. mine is

TZ said...

Strawberry World: Thanks for dropping by my blog... i like yours ... all about food... :->