Saturday, March 8, 2008

Happy Birthday "5 elements of my life"

Today marks the first year anniversary to my blog "5 elements of my life"... I setup this blog one year ago when i was down in term of working and relationship. Again i would like to thanks Darrenzeger for encouraging me and this blog has been accompanied me for a year now... I'm happy to meet lots of blogging friends and all of your support... keep visiting my blog eh! :->

Happy Birthday "5 elements of my life".... :->


doc said...

hmm...allow me to be the 1st to comment :

hope this blog has made a difference to your life as the current elections has to the country.

(how did you know you will celebrate blog's 1st anniversary on a watershed day for the country??)

TZ said...

Doc: This blog has introduced me to a bunch of new friends from different background... my social network has expanded... regarding the question of celebrate my blog's 1st anniversary on watershed day for the country... errr... no comment! LoL