Monday, March 31, 2008

Goodbye my dear office...

Time flies, after a few months of getting ready for today... the time has finally come :->

I'm sad to say goodbye to all my fellow colleague, my cubicle, my chair, my table and my office. I'm invited to attend a farewell lunch organized by our management to thanks all employees for their contributions *sniff sniff* Total about 20 of us will be leaving today and the left over will leave in June 30th 2008.

I'm glad to work for this company, I have been working for 7+ years in this office/company and i was one of the pioneers. I joined when this office just started... been through the ups and downs with the office. But still at the end, the management has decided to close down this office and move all the operation back to Penang/Kulim.

This office has brought lots of sweet and bitter memories... sweet! i was part of the 20+ to help on bringing up this office when we started... besides i also met my ex-girlfriend but we broke off few years later. And now the office is going to close... Anyway, this will be stated as history and will be written in my book about my life as one of the chapter... So long my dear office. :'(

April 1st 2008 will mark a new chapter for my book about my life... I have to look for a job at the same time continue my studies/certification. This is the beginning of a new chapter... Let's the new life begin... ;-)


Darren said...

great starting a new chapter of ur life. don't be so sad time flying so catch ur time properly.

Simon Seow said...

Some changes in life is good.

ahlost said...

Owh.. New month, new life :)

All the best :)

TZ said...

Darren: agreed... another 1 more hours that's start my new chapter :->

Simon: i think this is a good change :->

Ahlost: Thanks for the wishes... new quarter too ;-)